24 January 2018

SEQUABAT, the designer and builder of turnkey projects involving business, commercial and residential property, has just completed the construction of a 5-block Retail Park in Uzès (Gard). This 2900 m² project, which has taken more than a year to build, is already home to the first stores, all ideally located just in front of the famous HARIBO factory.

Designed by SEQUABAT

SEQUABAT started out from a clean sheet to come up with this project to replace a joinery, which until recently had occupied this plot. Its in-house design team and one of its architects offered to develop this project with five units with their own original design features. This idea meant that the project would look better and be more suited to the setting than a single-unit shopping centre.

Architecture to fit in with the local surroundings

The architect at SEQUABAT in charge of designing this project had to follow the local building development plan in force in the area. Two areas had to be considered when designing this project. One was part of the Duchy of Uzès and required a traditional architectural style with rendered masonry and tiled roofs on two of the buildings. The second area is part of the neighbouring development zone and meant a more contemporary feel for the three other units. The final result was applauded by the client and the first businesses to move in thanks to the perfect harmony between the two styles.

11 months of work

After taking care of demolishing the existing building, the teams from SEQUABAT completed work on the construction of this Retail Park in less than a year. In spite of structural changes being asked for during the construction by the future occupants, the schedule was respected. To achieve that, a lot of work was done to adapt to the requirements of the future occupants, while limiting the impact on deadlines and the overall cost.

Made available early

The project quickly attracted three firms wishing to move into this Retail Park. That meant work had to be carefully managed to allow work to be completed while the businesses moved in. The large number of firms present at the work site required that a special way of managing the project was put in place by the SEQUABAT teams taking into account logistics, multiple activities and the removal of waste.

11 sales outlets ideally located

Out of the eleven premises available, three are already occupied. The chain store specialising in the sale of electrical goods and comuter equipment, DARTY has 1000 m², the MUTUALITE FRANCAISE insurance company has 300 m² and a bakery has 200 m². The other businesses are currently being fitted out, including an organic food store, a small supermarket and a hair salon.


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